Italy in a region...

...this is Le Marche. The only region written in plural, with 180 km of coastline, 9 marinas, 1000 significant monuments, 100 cities 'art, 34 archaeological sites, 71 historic theaters, the higher density' of museums and art galleries in Italy: 246. 315 libraries that hold more than 4 million books, 2 national parks, 4 regional parks, three natural reserves, more than 100 floristic areas, 15 forests, caves of great geological interest ; good attraction also the Lake of Pilato.
There are numerous pageants, spectacular parties, linked to religious festivals or carnivals, and all are held in the beautiful historic centers of small countries like Massignano.
Countries that are leased on the heights, perched on the hills, scenic balconies strategic on the coast. They are guarding the valley, surrounded by walls with towers for defense against the Saracens, ancient historical centers from which arise the centers of the sea. For historical memories and the natural beauty, combined with spacious and pristine beaches, Le Marche offer moments of relaxation.



Massignano "the land of the potters"

Located 255 meters above sea level, according to some historians, was founded by Sabine in pre-Roman times. In some districts of the territory were in fact found metal objects and pottery, a warehouse and an aqueduct, burial caves and plants of Roman villas. Since 1168 it has existed the mighty "Castle of Forcella" (which today remains a part of the tower and some ruins) built by the ghibellines of Aspromonte and Montefiore, later in the hands of the bishop of Fermo.
For a long time Massignano remained independent, but in 1258 it is subjected to Fermo and in 1334 was attacked and looted by Rinaldo from Monteverde, tyrant of Fermo and since then was contested between Ascoli Piceno and Fermo. In 1532 Massignano was stormed by Ascoli and from then on he was peacefully under the papal government, until the time of the French occupation in 1797. Restored to the government in 1816, was one of the countries of Le Marche that most 'fights' in Italian Risorgimento for independence from European rulers.
In 1930 in Massignano six workshops with their furnaces for the production of pottery on the wheel were active, specialized in the manufacture of domestic pottery, the so-called Coccette that were able to meet a huge demand from all the brands and the neighboring regions, so as to be renowned in ancient Roman papacy. Unfortunately, after 50 years  this tradition gradually disappeared. In Massignano today you can visit the parish museum of sacred art and every year on 14th August there is the "Sagra delle Frittelle" the most  ancient festival of the province of Ascoli Piceno.


Sea & Relax

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Elio & Simone